What do I need to bring? Yoga mat, water bottle, yourself

Can you rent mats? Please let us know if you need a mat for class and we will bring you one

Do I have to sign up in advance? You are not required to but it is extremely helpful and saves time at check-in if you do sign up ahead of time. 

Are your classes good for beginners? All of our classes are beginner friendly. If you are a first timer we recommend letting the teacher know! Every human and every BODY is different. Take your time. 

Are your classes good for pregnant women? If you are an experienced yogi, yes. If you are a first-timer we recommend a prenatal specific class INSIDE a yoga studio. 

Are your classes good for kids? Can I bring my child? Children over 12 are welcomed with a parent. Parent must sign a waiver. Class will not be modified for children. 

Can you wait for me to start class, I'm running late? No, we always start and end class on time. 

What is the weather policy? For outdoor classes we will post on social media (Instagram and Facebook) if the class is cancelled at least 2 hours before the class. Weather is unpredictable and we are not meteorologists so please know we are doing the best we can with these decisions. Inclement weather can sometimes arrive without notice. If you paid for a class that is cancelled in advance we can refund you or you can always use the class you purchased at ANY of our pop-up classes.

What is a passport / #ncybpassport? A way to visit all of our classes for a reduced rate. Passports may NOT be shared among friends or family members. All passports expire within ONE year of purchase. 

Can I share a passport with my spouse/friend/parent/neighbor/dog? No

The teacher I like isn't here, can I get a refund? No, we reserve the right to substitute the teacher at the last minute. 

How much is a class? Drop-in classes are $10 unless otherwise stated. Many classes include a perk like a small beer, wine, mimosa etc.. but this is not a rule so read the class description here before you go. 

When is your next passport sale? Follow @ncyogabar on Instagram so you're the first person to know about sales!